Footage Of The PS3 Version Of Until Dawn Now Online

What could have been.

Years ago Until Dawn was a game that was going to be a first person PS3 Move title, and could have been a major selling point for the peripheral at the time. However after a small flurry of previews Supermassive’s game simply disappeared from the public eye, and the assumption was made that the game had been cancelled. In a sense it had, at least for PS3, but Until Dawn re-emerged as a PS4 title and became one of the best horror games on the system.

The PS3 version of Until Dawn may be a game now confined to history, but you can still see what could have been in a video below which PtoPOnline. There’s over 40 minutes of footage to view.

Source: PtoPOnline

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  1. Oh wow I never knew this! Will take a peak!

  2. As the narrator says at the beginning of the video, it looks like it would have been a good fit for VR. I’m still glad they switched to PS4 though, the newer character models are amazing.

  3. Though following a diminutive outbreak of previews diversion merely moved out starting the community look at, along with the Custom Assignment Help supposition be complete to the pastime comprise been cancelled.

    • I was thinking exactly the same thing!

    • jm398964 for President. This man knows which way the cookie crumbles!

  4. Had a look at a quarter of an hour of it, and I’m really glad they went for the PS4. Until Dawn, which I only played recently, is one of the best games on the PS4, it is simply amazing.

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