Xbox Store And Steam Kick Off Their Year Ending Sales

It’s barely been a month since the last major digital game sales kicked off to coincide with Black Friday, and we’re already at it again. The Xbox Store and Steam have kicked off their respective year ending sales, giving you another chance to pick up some games for less – or perhaps do a little digital gift giving if you’re on Steam, something that’s sorely missed on console.

Steam first, and as always, they’ll be highlighting different deals each day from the sale, which is running from now until January 2nd.  Doom is just £13.49, Darkest Dungeon under a tenner, The Division and Hitman for £19.99 each, Total War: Warhammer is £29.99, XCOM 2 £17.49, and both Dishonored 2 and Watch Dogs 2 are £26.79 each. Oh, and Genital Jousting is now just £2.99.


Just head to Steam’s front page for the daily highlights, or tuck into the special offers page and get clicking away with filters.

The Xbox Store sale is a little more complicated, but here goes: If you’re a new Xbox Live Gold subscriber, you can Gold for $1 for one month, which makes you eligible for all of the offers where Gold members get an extra 10% off. This offer is available from now until January 9th.

The Countdown sale is running with two big waves of deals, the first of which are now live and going until 28th December, with the second batch then going from December 29th until January 9th. On top of that, there’s daily deals between now and the end of the year.

Don’t expect much more than what was on offer during Black Friday, but Gears of War 4 is now slightly cheaper at £22.95 (with Xbox Play Anywhere for PC owners), and Dishonored 2 is £33.49 for Gold members. The first daily deal is Life is Strange for just £4 with Gold.

Liberated from Madge’s blog, here’s the full list of games on offer between now and December 28th:

Xbox 360 Deals

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  1. Madge’s blog, ha, love it.

    Everspace is sorely tempting, as is Deus Ex: MD and Firewatch. That said, GAME have been doing some pretty decent offers, got XCOM 2 for £15 and Watch Dogs 2 San Francisco edition for £30. They feel sufficient for now.

  2. On a tangent, Amazon are doing some good prices on PSVR games at the moment, Driveclub VR is £15, Robinson, Rigs and Battlezone are £25.
    Thanks for the link to all Steam discount, and when I say thanks I mean it grumpily, that’s more games I can’t afford and won’t play but will buy anyway :P

  3. My wallet is positively recoiling in horror at the number of games I want to pick-up on the Steam store. Shite! :D

    • Same here, 15 of the 23 games on my wishlist just went on sale.. Its almost like they were aiming it at me.

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