Community Game Of The Year 2016 – Vote Now!

Game of the Year awards are always a little bit divisive, whether you completely disagree with the winners or nominees, or simply roll your eyes at the “obvious” games winning everything. As our own Game of the Year awards have been posted day by day, it’s clear that many of you hold your own opinions, and now it’s your chance to weigh in.

For the Community Game of the Year awards this year, we’ve trimmed the categories back down to just six. I know that some of you will want to chip in on things like Best Story and Best Soundtrack, but this is as much for my own sanity when sifting through the results as it is a reaction to the number of entries last year that left so many of the categories completely blank.

So we have six categories this year, devoted to single player, multiplayer, independent games, virtual reality games, the year’s biggest disappointment, and finally the overall Game of the Year. As always, if there’s a game you’re dying to vote for, complain as vociferously as possible in the comments below and we’ll add it to the list.

The voting will be open from now through to 23:59PM on Friday 30th December, and we’ll post the results as 2017 dawns. Please only vote once, as subsequent votes will not be counted.

Entries are now closed. Thanks for voting!

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  1. If have put my biggest disappointment as Mafia 3 of it was there in all honesty. Maybe because I hyped it up to much myself. It wasn’t there so I couldn’t vote for it…

    • Added! Sorry, I’d put a bunch of big games on that list, but Mafia III escaped me temporarily.

      • Thanks. I take it’s too late to amend my vote now…

      • Nah, you and Freeze can go again and/or I’ll just sort it out.

      • Thanks Tef I hope my vote has counted Mafia 3 now then.

    • I voted Mafia III as my most disappointing too. I think I could have got into it if I stayed with it but it failed to grab me in the first hour or so and there were better games to play. Soundtrack was flawless though.

  2. Uncharted 4 is truly and without doubt my GOTY, but I would feel remiss to not at least give a special mention to Titanfall 2. Came out of nowhere and blew me away!

  3. I would have voted DriveClub VR my goty but it wasn’t on the list.

    • Sarcasm surely? It looked like a mega drive game

  4. No Gears 4 as best multiplayer, despite offering both co-op and competitive?

    • Just added Gears 4 for you and WD2 for Axor.

  5. Wanted to choose Watch Dogs 2 as the best Multiplayer GOTY but couldn’t see an option so added as SP instead to give it a little mention – would have gone for Uncharted 4 otherwise.

    I know it’s not a typical MP title, and has no PvP as such so understand why it isn’t listed, but i just feel the way it blends with the SP world so seamlessly is truly excellent. And it’s a great thrill either hacking into someone’s game trying to remain undetected, or vice-versa hunting them down before a chase etc. So many good times had already and always spontaneous! Reminds me very much of the first time I experienced the MP way back when on Demon’s Souls.

    Know it had a bit of a bumpy launch… but looking past that, it’s great!

    • Oh, and the Co-op missions are a lot of fun too. Albeit with some real difficulty spikes on some!

      • Watchdogs 2 MP was awesome. And I usually hate MP.

  6. I wanted to give F1 2016 as my GOTY but I am still happy with my alternative choice :D COASTER TIME!

  7. i’ve hardly played any of the games on those lists.
    so my selections may be a bit different from other people’s, i can only vote on something i’ve played.

  8. One clear winner for me. Uncharted 4. Only other games I’ve really enjoyed this year have been Far Cry Primal and Mafia 3.

    I’d also have Firewatch and Watch Dogs 2 in the disappointed category.

    All in all, another bad year in gaming for me, lol! And to think how much I used to play my PS3. My PS4 is essentially a glorified Netflix player. Hopefully next year is better. Certainly a few games I’m genuinely excited about. Mass Effect, RDR2, South Park & Wildlands spring to mind.

    • Oh, and Tomb Raider in disappointing category. Waited a whole year for it to finally come to PS4 and it was pretty awful tbh.

      • I know what you’re saying. RotTR wasn’t a bad game but it wasn’t memorable either. It was Just Cause 3 after Just Cause 2. More of the same but not nearly as fresh or entertaining. Missed opportunity if ever there was one.

  9. Just voted, but found it rather difficult to make my choices. I had an excellent year of gaming, with absolutely smashing experiences that easily get into my all-time best of list, but they all came out earlier than 2016 (SOMA, Until Dawn, Gone Home, etc.).

  10. 100 hours into pokemon moon with a full alolan dex. glad to see its in the choices

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