Nicalis Tweet A Pic Of The Switch UI, Further Details Revealed

The user interface for Switch remains somewhat of a mystery with only brief glimpses in videos. Handy then that Nicalis tweeted a picture of it, alongside Cave Story and 1001 Spikes which had not been officially announced for the console.


They quickly deleted the post but not before someone nabbed a copy of it, which is handy for us.

In other Switch news, Nintendo revealed that your games saves will take up part of the 32gb internal storage, even if the game comes on a microSDXC card. You will be able to edit screenshots captured with the Switch, adding text, and video recording is being planned as a future update.

The Switch does include a Mii maker but they are no longer required with Nintendo planning to make “greater use of other established, broadly used social platforms.” They also have “nothing to announce at this time” in regards to trophies or achievements.

Source: Gameranx / Kotaku

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  1. Game saves using the internal storage wouldn’t raise any eyebrows if it weren’t for the 32GB limit but it will depend on the average game save file size. Presumably you can still back them up to external storage and copy them back later on when needed. Or possibly they’ll offer a cloud storage option.
    The Os looks quite minimal but i expect it will expand as they roll out additional features.

    • Save files would all have to be hundreds of MB for that to be a concern. And if you’re worried about filling up 32GB of storage, then getting 5GB or 10GB of cloud storage won’t really help!

      Nintendo have had some decent options for backing things up in the past, so I’m sure they’ll have us covered on Switch as well.

      • What is worry is that 32GB is also shared with the OS so there’s a chunk of storage gone (and the fact it wont be 32GB but nearer 30GB) that has to share all data with every patch, DLC etc that comes. And any future feature like video recording will drain all that quickly. And that’s even if you use a memory card and buy all your games physically!

        That is rather worrying if this console has a long term future.

      • Sure, they might not be large files but once the game library has filled out the accumulative size might make a cloud storage option increasingly more appealing. And i think 5GB or 10GB is pretty significant when considered as a factor of 32GB, but of course i’m not disregarding the option of expanding the storage space through SDcards.

      • @Sparky – They’ve said nothing so far about where patches and DLC will go, but I’d count that as game data, so it can live on the SD card. That is a factor if you don’t buy an SD card, though.

        I’d be happy to bet that video recording can be directed to save on the SD card.

        @Bonyman – But cloud storage is a backup feature, designed primarily to duplicate your local data, not to be a separate pool.

      • I don’t understand why there’s a problem if you use an SD card.

        Also, keep in mind that tablets within the same price-league rarely offer more than 32GB as well.

        It’s better to offer a small but cheap capacity that can be expanded however the user likes, than to massively increase the MSRP for everyone.

        I expect it to be no more of a problem than the launch PS4 with a 500GB HDD.

      • I probably could have been a bit clearer, i just mentioned the SD card as an option for replacing internal storage space used up by gamesaves.
        Anyway, i’m just speculating for now, we’ll know more of the nitty gritty once it releases.

  2. Strange that they took it down. The UI was also briefly shown in a video on Nintendo’s official YouTube account yesterday.

    They do use a dark theme in the tweet, but is that really worth deleting it over? They should know the internet never forgets.

  3. Looks a bit meh but that is just because of the background. If and I expect it will be, it allows it to be changed, it will look better. Seems like a standard tablet UI.

    Provided that saves don’t take up space(and shouldn’t do), it’s just something that is there. If it’s not and somehow, each save takes up 100MB it would be an awful decision. But I think it’s a few KB per save.

    I did hear(And please let this be wrong) that MP is going to be handled via smartphones. I shall save my outburst for confirmation on how MP works. If it is reliant on smartphones, that is stupid.

  4. Just looked at my PS4 saves and they take up 3.6GB. Admittedly I did a clear up a few months ago (getting rid of saves for betas and demos and games I know i’ll never want the saves for like fifa 14) .

    But it’s safe to assume that the switch saves will be less in size than PS4, and (harsh but probably true) there will be less games that you get to play on switch.

    So I don’t think 32GB will be a problem as long as you use the physical SD cards. And as Tef suggests patches are stored on the SD aswell. Not sure about that myself though, do developers have to create a reserve for this? And dlc as in significant expansions.

    • I’ve got 8GB, probably need to cull a few at some point but it’ll only be an issue when my cloud storage is full. Anyway as you say Switch saves may be much smaller in comparison and it will take a while to accumulate a significant amount.

    • Blimey! That’s quite a leap from the PS3’s KB/rare MB saves to GB. :O If the switch has similar save files, that would be the biggest issue on the system.

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