5% Of Those Who Downloaded Super Mario Run Bought The Full Game

Super Mario Run was hailed as Nintendo’s biggest foray into the mobile gaming market, and since its release on iOS devices the game has been downloaded an impressive 78 million times. Not quite so impressive is that from there the number of people who have decided on buying the full game being 5%, roughly 4 million people. That is still an impressive number considering Super Mario Run is yet to release on Android, but it has fallen short of Nintendo’s own expectations.

Nintendo is still on track with its Fire Emblem mobile title, releasing in just a few days, but Animal Crossing for mobile has been pushed back.

Source: ArsTechnica

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  1. Am I missing something?

    Isn’t 5% of people who played a demo going on to buy a game not a big success? Especially at the price they were charging? €40,000,000.

    What exactly were Nintendo expecting?

    • Indeed. I can’t imagine that Nintendo spent a huge amount on development either. Even at $1m that is still a very tidy profit for a mobile game and the Android version is yet to arrive. Another $40m won’t go a miss I’m sure at Nintendo HQ. Keep churning those out and Nintendo mobile gaming will be a success.

    • Nintendo wanted “double digit” sales, which is clearly ridiculous.

      • “Double digit” as in between 9 and 100? 40 is between 9 and 100?

  2. Will be interesting to see what the Android release will do. I do wonder if the increase in price rather suddenly (it also happened to Pokemon Go) hurt the UK uptake?

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