Genital Jousting Gets A Valentine’s Day Update

“The world’s premier penis and bumhole game”, their words not mine, will have 50% off this week on Steam and to celebrate all things loving and cuddly, Genital Jousting will also be getting a “date night” update.

The new Date Night update for Genital Jousting includes six new activities specifically design for two players, whether they be together in a warm, local multiplayer embrace or in a internet-based long distance relationship. Potential lovers will be now be able penetrate each other while picking aromatic roses, bowling and even in the midst of a romantic picnic for two via the latest update.


“This is exactly what I pictured my legacy would be when I invented anal love,” noted Saint Valentine. That’s what the press release states, I’m not too sure how they got the quote.

Genital Jousting is available now for 50% off via Steam Early Access priced at just £1.99.

Source: Press release

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News Editor, very inappropriate, probs fancies your dad.


  1. Good. It needed more. The online was so laggy it was borderline unplayable if I wasnt laughing like a school kid. Local mulitplayer is fun though.

  2. I thought long and hard, then I got a grip and splashed out. I wonder if my wife will enjoy it as much as I will?

    • Are you still talking about the game or your bedroom sports?

    • Just don’t tell her you played with it while she wasn’t there, then if she enjoys it you can pull yourself together..
      Happy Valentines to you and the wife.. ;-)

      • Cheers dude same to you and yours! And nice filth, I’ve run out of the stuff now, especially since my mother in law is visiting and me and my wife will be sleeping on an air bed tonight.

  3. When you think you’ve seen it all…

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