Take-Two Have Licensed Some Games To Be Turned In To Movies

The Assassin’s Creed movie has now turned a healthy profit and the ‘final’ Resident Evil movie is also proving to be a money making machine turning over $140 million, so we can expect many more movies-of-games to come.

Take-Two are late to party but they have announced that they too are licensing “a couple” of their games to Hollywood. They won’t be following Ubisoft and setting up their own studio but will be retaining some creative control when they farm out their games.

“We are open-minded,” said CEO Strauss Zelnick. “We are certainly not going to use our own balance sheet to invest in motion pictures and TV. If other people want to license them and we can retain creative control, we are open-minded. The track record of the conversion of video game IP to motion pictures is spotty at best.”

We already know a Borderlands movie is in the works but Take-Two have not revealed any of the other games to be filmed. It’s highly unlikely there would be a Grand Theft Auto movie, but perhaps an XCOM movie could work. Hollywood tried and failed to make a Bioshock movie, so that’s probably off the cards as well but who knows, maybe a Red Dead film or Mafia game could be in the works.

Source: MCV

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  1. I guess it makes sense for them not to take the risk by doing it themselves, but with the amount of cash Take2 must be sitting on from GTA V sales, I’m sure they can afford it!

  2. XCOM would actually work as a film, granted they have to cut out the strategy bit but it would make for an interesting flick. Or even as a dumb action movie. Red Dead and GTA, i doubt as Rockstar kinda got really bleeped off with BBC a few years back doing a “Documentary” on it that turned out to be trying to make Jack Thompson some kind of hero but failed on all accounts and could have damaged any chances of any of their properties being used.

    Borderlands, if they get Gearbox involved, take a no fecks given approach and go as over the top as possible(within the spirit of the game) would be interesting.

    I hope Rockstar don’t take the Valve approach of relying on one major thing for a decade.

    Bioshock could have been done and should have been done as a CGI affair. Subject Delta could have been used, his story expanded on and perhaps, an alternative story. Same with Jack. Booker Dewitt’s time before Infinite could work but that wouldn’t be Bioshock.

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