Here They Lie To Receive Update That Removes Need For PSVR

Here They Lie began its retail life as a launch title for Sony’s PSVR headset and after some very tough competition it won our VR game of the year award for 2016. However a new update for Here The Lie will be released tomorrow, February 21st, which will make the game playable without use of the headset. This update will be free for anyone who has purchased the game or is thinking of getting it in the future.

Along with support for the standard PS4 Here They Lie will support the PS4 Pro, which will add 4K visuals as well as improving performance on PSVR for those with Pros. Other features of this patch include a controller configuration screen, chapter select, subtitles for the standard game and not VR, improved head tracking for VR, and sharpened visuals. You’ll also be able to switch between the VR and non VR versions of Here They Lie with ease.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. Dammit. Another reason to get a Pro.

  2. Seems quite logical to make this game run non-PSVR, to make it accessible to a broader user base. But then it won’t be a reason to get the kit anymore. Not a bad game, though..

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