Titanfall 2’s Live Fire DLC Will Be Available On February 23rd

Respawn has confirmed that the upcoming free Live Fire content will be available from tomorrow, February 23rd, and it will add the new Live Fire mode as well as two maps specifically or the mode, Stacks and Meadow, as well as the Columns map for Coliseum. Live Fire is a 6v6 Pilot only mode with five rounds per match. The aim is to eliminate the opposing team in a minute or less, and there are no respawns.


To celebrate the launch those who play Live Fire will earn double XP from February 23rd until February 27th.

Source: Titanfall.com

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  1. Coliseum is the dullest thing on the entire planet. Two players jump around firing off weapons that only release a bullet every few seconds until one gets lucky.

  2. Annnnnnnnnd it totally broke Titanfall 2 and no longer works.

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