NieR: Automata Lets You Buy Trophies With In-Game Currency

Now, don’t be too hasty in jumping to conclusions on this one, but Nier: Automata lets you effectively buy your way to the platinum trophy. While it’s more than a little bit unusual, I think it’s actually a bloody great idea, especially when you consider how it’s actually being implemented.

Does this mean the game features microtransaction that try to leech a few extra quid out of your wallet? No. Does is make it insultingly easy to just grab the platinum trophy? Also no. Does it actually affect you if your neighbour Timmy has “bought” his way to the platinum? Well, that really depends on how much of a pain in the backside Timmy is. Does it tie into the game’s irreverent sense of humour and style? Absolutely!


So, the way it actually works is that, having completed the game three times, you’ll be able to then access a secret shop and drop a bit of in game currency on picking up any trophies you’ve decided are a little too onerous to bother playing the game a fourth, fifth or sixth time through for. I have to say that, once you’ve played any game three times through, you should be at the point of earning or being very close to earning the platinum trophy, so this is entirely fair from my point of view.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have this kind of thing for games with a heft online focus, where the communities have faded and it’s now nigh on impossible to get that last, ridiculously aspirational trophy?

Nier: Automata is out this week, and you can check out our fairly early thoughts on the final version of the game.

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  1. This is a great idea but can’t justify buying trophy. It takes away the proud feeling of earning that platinum. The satisfaction of earning a platinum after such a grind is the best feeling ever!

    But can’t know their hustle on this though, great idea. I would buy my bloodborne platinum if the offer was there lol.

    Is it possible to just buy the platinum without the other trophies

  2. Somewhere, Crazy Del has sense a disturbance in the trophy hunt and has just dropped to his kness whilst screaming at the prospect of buying trophies.

    Tis an interesting idea though I rather use ingame currency for in game stuff using in game tagged weapons on an ingame battlefield where War changes a lot.

  3. It’s an awful idea. I have 60 platinum trophies, many games there was that one elusive trophy I wasn’t good enough to get, I just didn’t have the skill and I’m ok with that, I shouldn’t have the option to buy it.

    • I’ve given up on several games when I was only 1 or 2 short of unlocking every trophy/achievement, just not worth the frustration or time. If only they were worth something eh?!

      • I agree it isn’t worth the headache sometimes but completing a game isn’t worth anything, gaming itself isn’t worth anything, it’s just a hobby and trophies are goals that can test your skill at the game or extend play time, give it replayability, nothing wrong with that. Buying trophies defeats the object of them.

  4. I don’t mind this but I would only use it for annoying luck-based trophies. Although I’d actually prefer it if developers just scrapped luck-based trophies altogether. The most recent example I can think of is the “Let’s Bounce” trophy in Saints Row: Gat Outta Hell.


  5. I’m kind of disappointed you can actually do this. I was hoping there’d be something more to it. Like you can technically buy the trophies in your 4th game, but finishing the 3rd game deletes your save game, like the original game does.

    That would have been perfect trolling of the sort of people who would get wound up by being able to do it.

  6. When I read the title I thought noooooo, but after reading the article I think it’s a good idea as some trophies can be an absolute pain in the backside to get.

  7. Ha! This completely defeats the point of trophies! If you pick up a game for cheap 2 years after release and can’t get the online mp trophies anymore, then that’s just tough! Should have got involved when it was hot! I’m not even any good at getting trophies and I think it sounds terrible. Dread to think what Del and the trophy pros think!

  8. It’s cheating. End of.

  9. I’m surprised EA or Activision haven’t already allowed this in their games, without the requirement of completing it 3 times first. I think now it’s been done more games will follow, with deliberately hard trophies/achievements.

    Ps on the online trophy thing, I’ve long thought if you can’t find a match after a certain amount of time, they should just unlock anyway. I’ve had games on release with little to no online community and trophies like 250 multiplayer wins etc.

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