Starbreeze To Publish System Shock 3 On PC And Other Platforms

Starbreeze Publishing, the publisher side of Starbreeze Studios, has announced that it will be bringing OtherSide Entertainment’s System Shock 3 to PC and other platforms. The publisher will be investing $12 million to achieve that goal. A third System Shock was rumoured about and teased for a while before being confirmed near the end of 2015. Since then news has been relatively quiet regarding this third entry to a much revered series.

A release of System Shock 3 outside of PC hasn’t really been hinted at before today, but it shouldn’t come across as a big surprise as the System Shock remake has been stated to be releasing on PS4 and Xbox One alongside the PC version. However dates for both that remake and System Shock 3 are yet to be confirmed.

Source: Starbreeze

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