Wednesday’s Nintendo Direct Will Feature ARMS, Splatoon 2 & More

Even with just the one must-buy game out for the console, the Nintendo Switch is almost impossible to find in stock anywhere. Of course, people will eventually run out of things to do in Breath of the Wild and be looking for the Next Big Thing from Nintendo.

The end of this month sees the release of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, which is bound to be popular, but after that it’s ARMS and Splatoon 2 that will be Nintendo’s big game releases through the summer. Both of those games will be the headline acts in a Nintendo Direct that is to be held this Wednesday, 12th April at 11PM BST. You’ll be able to tune in and watch via YouTube or the Nintendo Direct website.


However, while those two games will take up the lion’s share of the time in this Direct, they won’t be the only things discussed. Nintendo mention both Switch and 3DS in the email, meaning that there will at least be a few other reveals or updates on previously announced projects.

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  1. I have no idea why people are buying switches, outside of botw it’s just remasters and minigames being sold at full price, it’s madness.
    I might consider the switch in the future but it seems like 2017’s lineup of games is going to pitiful.

    • I can’t speak for everyone but I personally picked my Switch up for 5 reasons:

      1. BOTW – duh, amazing game. Easily one of the best of all time.

      2. Mario Kart 8 later this month – missed it on Wii-U, not making the same mistake twice.

      3. Nintendo consoles and first party games rarely drop in price, so its safe to assume the Switch will still cost £279.99 this time next year.

      4. My kids are getting to the age that they want to start gaming and neither the PS4 nor the X1 provide a decent amount of family-friendly games. Sure, they have a few, but Nintendo are the kings in this regard.

      5. (most important) The console’s concept. I love portable gaming and the idea of the Switch bringing console-level experiences like BOTW to the small screen is very exciting to me. The PS4 is a great console with great games (so too is the Xbox One) but neither have been touched since I got my Switch as the convenience of playing my games anywhere (whether that is in the living room while my wife watches crap on the TV, my lunch breaks at work or on my morning/evening commute) outweighs everything else.

      • Don’t you think your first 4 reasons would apply to the Wii U too?

        1. BOTW is on Wii U

        2. MK8 is on Wii U and the switch version isn’t appreciably better

        3. A Wii U will set you back less than a switch

        4. The Wii U already has an established library of family friendly games

      • I guess it boils down to if you think the price difference of a Wii-U vs a Switch (£30 at the time of writing this) is worth it for the convenience of being able to play away from the TV. For me? Definitely.

    • I’ve been on the fence about buying a Wii U for months, mainly waiting for the new Zelda. Then the Switch was announced, which seemed like the natural progression for the Wii U, offered some future-proofing and the new Zelda, for not a whole lot of money more. Adding an updated Mario Kart and Splatoon 2, those were the main games I was interested in owning on the Wii U, apart from Smash Bros, which I’m sure will be coming at some point. So bypassing the Wii U for the Switch seemed sensible to me, and it is a fantastic piece of kit that I am very happy with.

      The Switch is definitely not a console to buy at present unless the timing is right for you, as there is very little on it. I’m pleasantly surprised it is doing as well as it is, and can only hope they keep the momentum up with a steady stream of support.

    • Because it tackles a lot of things for people.

      Personally I was day one as it’s helps solve one of my biggest issues on game playing. I want the console experience but have small chunks so getting into the traditional console games means making space for it, which I don’t have all the time for.

      However as I commute the Switch is perfect. I can play at home, then on the train etc etc. It’s convenient for me.

      However many of my friends have brought the Switch an only use it for home gaming. They just like the Nintendo approach even tho they are multi platform owners already.

      As for pitful line up comment, sorry but that stinks of fanboy talk. There’s a lot of games coming that look a lot of fun. And no AAA gaming isn’t what it should all be about. It’s perfectly acceptable to enjoy smaller games.

      Personally I want a fun experience and the Switch gives me that. Remember we aren’t all the same and the Switch seems to be showing there’s a market for gaming outside the PlayStation/Xbox battle that isn’t mobile gaming.

      • How is calling the lineup pitiful fanboy talk? It’s a pretty objective comment.
        The switch’s biggest game is multiplatform. (botw on Wii U, plus the pc Wii U emulator already has botw up and running)
        It’s only actual exclusives right now are minigames being sold as full price games.
        It’s getting a bunch of barely enhanced remasters being sold at full price. (They’re selling a street fighter XBLA port from 10 YEARS AGO for £40!)
        Splatoon 2 is a port of splatoon 1 masquerading as a sequel with a few extra maps.
        Super Mario Odyssey is the only actual upcoming big ticket exclusive for the whole of 2017. That’s pretty pitiful, even compared to Xbox One and PS4’s lacklustre first year.

        I have nothing against nintendo and I’m not a fanboy, I play on PC, PS4 and 3DS, I just don’t see the point in paying the early adopter tax (and all the hardware problems associated with being an early adopter) for a console with no games.

      • Guys, guys, let’s not start arguing about opinions of others.

        There is a perfectly good way.

        Trial by Combat and to the death. No? Oh, i suppose death threats will have to suffice then :P

        Joking aside, the lineup is generally regarded as pitiful in terms of numbers. Less then 10 games, most of which are either ports of releases from years ago, shovelware(That said, it is mainly the 1-2 “Shaving is fun.” No, it is not. Shaving is not fun. It is a tedious affair and when you have beard that is thick, it is more of a hacking away with the razor because it will not shave otherwise. Yes, i’m being petty but shaving is not something one can make fun!), erm…. what else? Mario and Zelda, erm…. well, kinda forgettable the rest are.

        But whilst I and plenty of others may view it as a pitiful line up, it could be an excellent one for those who are just after the new mandatory zelda and mario gamese. Zelda:Breath of the Wild seems to be excellent(I better not wake up to a horses head tomorrow) and for some, that will tide them ver but Nintendo dropped the ball on the line up. I mean, a few games at launch? Granted, one of them is said to be excellent and being ports or remasters is not really a good indicator.

        As i’ve stated many times, they should have used their massive library to pad it out. The original Mario trilogy for a few quid? Perfect for travelling and is a classic. Zelda 1-3 thrown in as a preorder bonus and being available? Excellent way of introducing people to it and showing it’s roots.

      • @TheShepanator – I agree some of the game prices are ridiculous (Street Fighter, Bomberman, 1-2 Switch) but that is always the way with new consoles. They charge that much because they know the console’s library is limited at the moment and that people will pay a premium to have new stuff to play.

        To call the Switch’s year one library lacklustre however is ridiculous. PS4 owners had to wait until Bloodborne before they got a “must have” title and, in my opinion, X1 owners are still waiting.

        At the end of 2017 we will have had a new Zelda, a new 3D Mario, a port of MK8 with extra content, a new Splatoon and a new Xenoblade Chronicles.
        While those games might not appeal to you, they definitely appeal to Nintendo fans and that is a huge first year. It would be the equivalent of the next PlayStation having a new Uncharted, TLOU, Bloodborne, Killzone and Final Fantasy release in the first 12 months.

      • I don’t remember the PS4’s pack in demo disk costing £55.

        In it’s first year ps4 got Killzone, Knack, Driveclub, LBP3, Infamous Second Son, Infamous First Light & TLOU remastered. There were also a load of exclusive indie games and strong third party support.

        The only actual new games the switch will get in 2017 is a new Mario and a new Xenoblade, everything else is either a port (did you play the splatoon 2 testfire? It’s literally the same as the first game with more maps) or a multiplat. There’s not even any indication of strong third party support.

  2. It would also nice to know the official price of the online service that owners are supposed to be getting. Also when Mario Maker is coming too, I’d buy 1 no problem then but I’m considering a purchase for Mario Kart 2 main games would keep me going for a bit…

  3. Nintendo just needs to announce Pokémon and take my money.

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