Romance Of The Three Kingdoms XIII Vita Version Lets You Transform Cats Into Generals

Koei Tecmo is bringing its popular strategy game Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII to PlayStation Vita in May (in Japan, at least). And what better way to demonstrate its create-an-officer feature than cast someone’s pet moggie as a ruthless Chinese warlord.



I’m more of a dog lover, myself. That said, utilising the handheld’s camera, you could turn just about any nearby creature or object into your very own retinue of generals and strategists.

In all seriousness it looks to be a solid port of the grand strategy title, adapted for the Vita’s touchscreen with a new control scheme. Returning fans will also be able to carry over their progress from PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 using cross-save.

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Source: Gematsu

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  1. Rather annoyingly I’ve grabbed this on PS4 already, but its lovely to see the Vita’s many awesome features are still on occasion, is being used.

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