Introversion’s Scanner Sombre Launches This Week

Introversion have had the difficulty of following a smash hit in the past, launching RTS Darwinia in the wake of the excellent hacking game Uplink. Just as then, Scanner Sombre sees the longstanding indie developers doing something completely different after the huge success of Prison Architect.

We’ve loved what we’ve seen of the game in the past, with Kris waxing lyrical about it from last year’s EGX Rezzed, when it was little more than a prototype idea that they were fiddling. Now it’s a fully fledged game and it’s releasing this week on PC. At 3PM BST on Wednesday 26th April, to be precise.


Scanner Sombre has you exploring the world using a LIDAR device, sending out laser beams to paint in the world and uncover what’s around you in an otherwise pitch black world.

Creative Director at Introversion Chris Delay said, “Scanner Sombre is a total departure for us as a studio in terms of visual style and tone; it’s almost a subversive game when you think about what people might expect from Introversion so we’re really looking forward to hearing people’s reactions when they can play it.”

Source: press release

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  1. Looks good, reminds me of Unfinished Swan. Hopefully on console too later on.

  2. I love the LIDAR style, it’s a shame it’s a walking simulator otherwise I’d definitely be interested.

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