EU PS Store Update 09/05/17 – LocoRoco, Polybius & Strafe

2017 is the year that Sony are really tapping into the nostalgia that PlayStation fans have for games from the ’90s and ’00s. This week it’s the turn of LocoRoco Remastered to coddle you with cheerful rolling blobs, level tilting gameplay and the joyous sounds of Japanese children singing in a made up gobbledigook language. I can’t wait.

Perhaps you want your nostalgia trip to be a little more… fictional? In that case, Strafe has got you covered with a “Rogue-lite” first person shooter that masquerades as a game from the 90s. Then there’s Jeff Minter bringing Polybius to PlayStation VR, and BUTCHER, a 2D side scrolling ode to the heyday of Doom and Quake, and even Resident Evil: Code Veronica X


Here’s the list, courtesy of the EU PS Blog:


PS Vita


9th May

Farming Simulator 17

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

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  1. VR Karts? That’s new to me, I’ll have to check it out.

  2. Birthdays the Beginning for me. I want to create all of the animals

    • And river city melee maybe too. Such a strange game series but enjoyable.

  3. NBA Playgrounds looks cool, NBA Jam meets 3D. £15.99 pushing the limit on price though.

  4. I’m tempted to pick up Loco Roco but i bought the retail UMD for PSP, then bought the digital (PSP) version for Vita … i don’t suppose it’s cross-buy what with being remastered… sigh..
    It is an absolute joy though, maybe i’ll wait for a deal.

  5. Mmminter does VR – definitely need to pick that one up.

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