Tokyo 42’s Newest Trailer Focuses On The Multiplayer

Mode 7 Games has released a new trailer for its upcoming stylish looking Tokyo 42, and this one is centred on the game’s multiplayer portion. It is kill or be kill as players hunt and hide from each other in attempts to get the upper hand. The trailer shows different hiding points as well as different ways to get kills through either guns, grenades or melee.


Tokyo 42 will release on May 31st for PC and Xbox One, with a PS4 release to follow a few weeks later.

Source: YouTube

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  1. Looking good! My only concern is how difficult it’s going to be to keep track of the action on my tiny 32″ telly, everything is so tiny… maybe I’ll just have to get a new TV.

    • I’m thinking the same problem, I have a 52″ (fnar) but even so, keeping track of such tiny things is going to cause eye strain.

      • Turns out the parents were right, play with it too much and you’ll go blind. I won’t stop playing and I still want it to be much bigger.

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