Watch Some WipEout Omega Collection Splitscreen Gameplay

Now paint me blue and call me Susan, but I was totally unaware that the WipEout Omega collection had split screen. It does though, and the team at PlayStation Access have released a video showing it in action on a standard PlayStation 4.

Source: YouTube

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  1. Not the biggest WipEout fan, I’ll be honest.

    Still, this collection looks fantastic and may help to remedy the PS4’s lack of an arcade/kart racer to some degree.

  2. Brilliant, nice to see some gameplay but even better to see that the game ties 2048 and HD/Fury together in the same menus! I think the merging is quite important as Wipeout games are so polished that it’d be a shame for clunky menus to hold a collection back. Split screen is good, online will be great, can’t wait to play it! I know it’s never going to happen but I’d love the 2048 servers to be turned back on, I was so close to finishing the online campaign then it wouldn’t connect, and the same thing happened to me with that bloody Dirt 2 weekly challenge thing, argh!!

  3. Has there been any news about it getting PS4 Pro enhancement?

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