The Wipeout Omega Collection Demo Lands Tomorrow, Includes PSVR Mode

My finger has hovered over the ‘buy’ button for The Wipeout Omega Collection on Amazon about ten times but I’ve never hit purchase, I know it’s one of the best PSVR games but equally I know I have been utter pants at every Wipeout game that has been released.

Good news for me then, tomorrow sees the launch of The Wipeout Omega Collection Demo on the PlayStation Store, and includes the PSVR mode. Two tracks are available,  Vineta K from Wipeout HD and Altima from Wipeout 2048, and two ships for you to race.


You can read more about The Omega collection here.

Source: PS Blog 

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  1. Wow, demos are few and far between but this is a great one!

    • Yeah, and I think VR needs demos more than regular games. A YouTube trailer just doesn’t compare to a few minutes hands on with a VR game.

  2. Looking forward to checking this out tonight.

    • Oh, not tonight then. I should probably have picked up on the clue in the headline. :/

  3. I found it a lot easier in VR.
    The Sky track (can’t remember name) in the 2048 game gave me real adrenaline rush when going over the big drop, just like going on a roller coaster for the first time.

    • All racing games seem to be easier in VR. You just get more of a sense of the track around you and how far the corners are.

      Anyone with a PSVR should really just buy the game and not waste time downloading demos of it. It’s one of the best PSVR things, and while it’s obviously quite intense, it doesn’t cause any sickness somehow.

      Just remember to turn off all the comfort options and play it properly, or small children will follow you wherever you go and point and laugh behind your back. And remember to turn them back off when they get turned on again on certain tracks.

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