Agents Of Mayhem’s Latest Trailer Has Talking Cars & The Brink Of Oblivion

Volition’s spiritual sequel to Saints Row is getting pretty close to release this August, and today sees what looks like it could be the first in a long series of trailers between now and then. You might get that 80s TV show vibe from the talking car and the Knight Rider music, but this game’s set in a future with the world devastated by bad guys, and only you, the slightly less bad guys, can stop them.


That talking car is actually called Quartermile – actually there’s lots of different summonable cars – and its AI is more than happy to chat away to the Agents of Mayhem as you explore this futuristic take on Seoul, in the wake of the near cataclysmic events of the Devil’s Night.

You can catch our previous hands on impressions from the game here. Agents of Mayhem is out for PS4, Xbox One and PC on 15th August in the US and 18th August in the rest of the world.

Source: press release

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