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Is Need For Speed Going To Las Vegas?

We’re yet to see any actual footage of the new Need For Speed, though new teaser image from Ghost Games may have given away the sequel’s setting. The studio recently posted the following image to the game’s official Twitter feed. We’ve included an edited version in the gallery below, depicting its skyline more clearly.

At TSA Towers, we thought it could only be one of two locations: Seattle or Las Vegas. The spire-like structure closely resembles the Stratosphere find at the south end of the Vegas strip yet, as other staffers were quick to point out, Need For Speed has typically used fictional locations.

With 2015’s Need For Speed met with by a somewhat lukewarm reception, the sequel could signal a change in direction. A real-world setting could definitely set the game apart though a game world inspired by Sin City could be equally as compelling.

We’re bound to find out more leading into next month’s EA showcase at E3.

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  1. Looks more like Vegas to me but it could be fictional.
    It doesn’t make any difference to me if it’s based on a real city/area or not, but if it’s real your limited to the road layout.

  2. That’s pun of the week Jim :)

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