Hori’s Splatoon 2 Headset For Nintendo Switch Is A Hot Mess Of Cables

While Nintendo are getting an awful lot right with the Nintendo Switch, it still seems as though they’re missing the point with online functionality. A subscription service is on the way, but where Microsoft and Sony have built in almost all of their online features into the console, Nintendo are to launch a smartphone app to do all the heavy lifting of messaging, party chat, lobbies and more.

Whatever the reasoning behind this, what this means is that, while PS4 and Xbox One gamers can plug a headset into their controller, USB port and/or optical output and have mixed audio from game and party, there’s an impractical split between game and online functionality on Switch.


So we have this unholy solution from Hori, with a cable from your smartphone and a cable from your Switch leading to an adapter that combines them together to plug into your headset. At the very least, you get independent volume sliders, but to game on TV, you’ll have a cable traipsing all the way across to your docked Switch and another hanging loose to plug into your phone, which just makes me shudder as I recollect the complexities of cabled headsets on PS3.

For the time being, it seems that the headset is only releasing in Japan, scheduled for release on 21st July alongside the game. “Stereo Headset Empera Hook HDP for Nintendo Switch” will cost ¥ 3480 excluding tax. Aside from the system limitations, it looks like a relatively nice headset, with some cute Splatoon 2 stylings.


Please, Nintendo, can we get Bluetooth headset support and some of this online functionality added to the Switch system software? Pretty please?

Source: Twitter via NeoGAF

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  1. Coming from someone who loves his Switch and plays it for hours most days: this is awful.

  2. What a joke – classic Nintendo, where they get so much right and yet cock up something that should have been a given.

  3. Well that doesn’t look ideal…

  4. Just had to check the calendar to make sure we were still in 2017??

    Seriously what the hell is this – not even VR uses that many cables.

  5. Good grief. That is one utter mess and this is for a portable console!? Bad enough as it is by itself but two lots of leads for a console that is portable? I’m sure no-one will mind having to lug that around. Oh wait, they will.

    This is awful. This is, Atarri 5300 levels of awful and that had a fat bastard of an adaptor. In fact, complete the package. Use the fat bastard adapater.

    In fact, why not just have it connect directly to the phone? It’s still a dumb way to handle chat but it’s easier then this.

    It’s gonna to be £100 isn’t it?

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