Pokken Tournament DX Coming To Nintendo Switch On 22nd September

Pokémon has always been more of a portable game series than a home console one, but that dynamic is shifting with the Nintendo Switch. That’s not to say it hasn’t had a place on home console, and it’s actually a deluxe edition of Pokken Tournament that will get to be the first Pokémon game on Switch.

As announced in a special pre-E3 Pokémon Direct, Pokken Tournament DX is coming to Nintendo Switch on 22nd September.



Five new Pokémon are joining the 16 that appeared in the Wii U and arcade originals – Darkrai, Scizor, Empoleon, Croagunk and Decidueye – and there are two new support Pokémon in the form of Litten and Popplio. There’s no barriers here, with all Pokémon, both main and support, available right from the first time you load up the game.

Naturally, the game supports tabletop mode for local multiplayer, with a Joy-Con for each player, while online there will be ranked, friendly and group matches. There’s also a new Team Battle mode, in which you pick three Pokémon and battle it out against an opposing team, and daily challenges to test your mettle against.

Source: Nintendo Direct

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  1. People will no doubt moan about this but I’m pretty pleased with it. Another decent fighter coming to Switch :)

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