Star Wars Battlefront II Getting Free DLC “Seasons”, Includes The Last Jedi Content

EA’s throwing some serious weight behind Star Wars Battlefront II. Aside from completely reworking the gunplay, and introducing a new “battle points” system, the sequel will be exploring the full Star Wars timeline. How full, you ask? Well, when the game launches later this year it will be followed up by some free “The Last Jedi” content.

It’s the first of many themed season content drops DICE has in store for Star Wars Battlefront. Arriving in December, this first slab of content will unlock both Finn and Captain Phasma as playable heroes with maps based on Crait and D’Qar, as seen in the The Last Jedi teaser.

Challenges and live events will also be a big part of each season. It’s a smart move by EA and DICE though pretty much inevitable – we’re seeing more and more publishers move towards rolling out free content for players.

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  1. At least it’s free. You know, i’m not even going to comment on DLC being announced before the release of the game anymore. My stance will never change and well, one can only post FFS as a comment so many times before they are taken care of by some top men.

    • DLC isn’t something that really bothers me now with multiplayer games. It’s free and getting rid of the old map pack system means that the playerbases for these games are no longer splintered between different matchmaking queues.

  2. Good, but part of me is still screaming inside with droids v clones on Naboo with Maul alongside Boba Fett against Rey… That should not happen. What next? Qui-Gon v Snoke?

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