Catch Spider-Man’s Show Stealing E3 2017 Gameplay Reveal

Simply put, this gameplay reveal was the real highlight of Sony’s E3 press conference for me, with a good long look at the gameplay that really showed off what this Spider-Man game would be about. Sure, some of it’s taken from the Batman: Arkham trilogy mould, but it’s so much faster, more fluid and more dynamic looking. Just watch it for yourselves!


Spider-Man is a PlayStation 4 exclusive developed by Insomniac Games, and it’s coming out in 2018.

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  1. Spidey looked really good..!

    Sony did it again, even without big surprises, they won E3, with the most interesting exclusives. It’s getting boring… :o)

    • But are any of them coming out this year?

      • Nope. But we’ve already had Horizon this year so it’s just fine :)

      • As we can’t really complain that there’s not enough to play, it really doesn’t matter. Bethesda and Ubisoft provide us with plenty of goodies in the meantime.

        And my backlog is so massive, I’m quite glad they don’t… ;o)

      • Knack 2! :)

      • Well, we still have Crash, Uncharted and Knack 2 with Horizon DLC coming too. That may provide just the right amount of time in between for those 3rd parties.

        I do think announcing some of those games last year for this year, and showcasing them again this year only to be released next year is a bit brave. I was actually expecting Days Gone in time for Christmas..

  2. Amazing, and so happy they are using a more current age peter with some brand new day lore. Gameplay looks amazing

  3. Spectacular. The only thing I’m concerned about is who else they bring on as secondary characters. Would love to see more traditional villains like Rhino, Electro, Scorpion, Kraven etc. Hope it isn’t just Fisk and other mob bosses.

  4. Now we’re talking. Insomniac back on their A-game. Looks incredible.

  5. Wasn’t that impressed to be honest. Sucker punch should have helmed this. If I want to play batman, I will play that

    God of war stole the show per usual

  6. Awesome trailer,the fluidity of the game is pretty sweet.Definitely going to get this on release.

  7. Oooof, hello Insomniac.

  8. First time I’ve been interested in Spiderman since I was a kid. Looks awesome!
    I wanna take on Dr Doom & the Dr Octopus dude from the 80s cartoons.

  9. Need to add this post to the E3 thread btw.

  10. Looks awesome. Reminds me a little bit of Infamous.

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