Skyrim, Starchild, The Inpatient, FFXV, Bravo Team & Moss Announced For PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR got a healthy run out in Sony’s E3 press conference, with announcements new and old for the virtual reality headset that will shore up interest in the system for a while longer.

Skyrim VR is a big one that was missing from this morning’s Bethesda showcase, while Starchild is a side-scrolling platformer for the system. Bravo Team was a PSVR shooter from Supermassive Games, who are also developing the horror game The Inpatient which is a prequel to Until Dawn. Moss had an adorable little mouse creature, and then there was Final Fantasy XV fishing… which is exactly what people wanted.


Trailers aren’t particularly forthcoming right this second, so we’ll add them as we can.

UPDATE: No Heroes Allowed has also been added.

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  1. Holy crap – Skyrim VR, finally a game i can justify buying a PSVR for!

  2. As some previous Supermassive games are among my all-time favorites, I’m mostly interested in their Inpatient.
    But it was very cool to see such a line-up for PSVR.
    Personally, I would have preferred Fallout 4 over Skyrim, but maybe it’s time to go back to that, which I never finished.

    • Fallout 4 VR was already announced quite some time ago.

  3. Skyrim looks very impressive! But for me it’s the wrong open world VR game, I was really hoping they’d squeeze Fallout 4 VR out of the PS4 but since they’ve not announced it today it doesn’t seem likely. Maybe PSVR just isn’t powerful enough after all.

    • Why would it be powerful enough for skyrim, but not fallout 4?

      • Skyrim is last gen, fallout 4 is this gen. They strip back the games graphically to reoptimise, they’ll have a better resource budget with Skyrim than Fallout 4. F4 will take too much to do.

      • I think Avenger hit the nail on the head Tony. Whilst the few games I’ve played on PSVR have been great it seems better suited to small or sparse environments, then with games like Driveclub graphics get dulled down so PSVR can keep the responsiveness and frame rate up. The Fallout 4 VR news yesterday was amazing but from the little I’ve read it seems to be a PC thing.
        I think I was hoping for a lot more from PSVR this year, hopefully it gets plenty of support and a more powerful version next gen but for now I’ve completely gone off the idea of getting one.

    • Fallout 4 VR is an Oculus exclusive, i’d prefer it too but heck Skyrim is a decent game to get the VR treatment.

      • Wasn’t it a HTC Vive exclusive? I think even if it wasn’t exclusive, it’d be too much for PS4 to cope with.

      • My mistake maybe it was HTC not Oculus, and you’re probably right, it’d probably be hell of a squeeze getting it into PSVR without serious compromises.

  4. I hope that Skyrim on PS4 is getting a patch.

    I’m already resolved to buying the game for the 4th time when the Switch version releases. Please don’t make it 5 for VR (because I absolutely will)!

  5. Just read on the PS Blog that the Inpatient is actually sort of a prequel to Until Dawn…!!!
    Very hyped now..!!! :o)

  6. Oh come on, really? Bethesda? You’re really going to milk Skyrim? It’s great that it’s on VR but that’s 3 re-releases within a year/(Granted, I may have gotten the dates wrong) but seriously, stop re-releasing Skyrim.

    FFXV the fishing game is… wait, huh? Fishing? VR? WHAT THE? FISHING!? Final Fantasy? VR!? FISHING!? FISHING! FISSSSSSSSSHIIIIIIIIIING! Meh. I suppose it’s good for an hour or two but really? FF fishing?

    Starchild…….. I am reminded of the asspull from ME3’s ending. Steven. Not. Amused. But other then that, it’s interesting? I can’t watch teh trailers due to data usuage issues on account of me being a peasent(And scum if you ask the Daily rags).

    But fishing? Final Fantasy? VR!? If i wasn’t already a nutter, this would have made me go insane.

  7. Star Child, Moss and Inpatient . VR is looking more and more appealing .

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