Usain Bolt Will Be Tearing Up The Pitch In PES 2018

Everyone knows Usain Bolt, the star sprinter who has become popular around the world for his records and general demeanour. Bolt is also a big football fan and has made no secret that he would like to play for Manchester United some day. However while that hasn’t panned out he can become a digital football star within PES 2018, as he has been revealed as player that can be acquired in MyClub which is PES’ version of Ultimate Team.


In the trailer it does say he is a pre-order bonus but there’s also a mention of him being present in day one discs, which are available for a long while after launch day has passed. PES 2018 releases on September 14th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Youtube

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  1. Errrr ok… I also heard that as Rowan Atkinson is a big F1 fan, he is part of the F1 2017 DLC.

    • There is no Rowan Atkinson DLC planned.

      Just Patrick Stewart, he’ll be a £5.99 podium add-on.

      • “Make it shoe…” – I’ll get my coat.

  2. Completely and utterly pointless to me but I’m looking forward to the new PES. I preferred it over FIFA last year so hopefully it builds on a solid foundation.

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