Disc Jam Is Getting PC-PS4 Cross-Network Play Soon

With the recent furore surrounding cross-network play, as Sony sit out the unified multiplayer party in Minecraft and are still not joining the full cross-platform party with Rocket League, it’s fascinating to see that Disc Jam is getting multiplayer between PC and PS4 up and running in the near future. This futuristic hockey and tennis mash-up, incidentally, was on PlayStation Plus earlier this year.

Writing in their Steam Community area, High Horse Entertainment said that this comes as a result of their new dedicated servers set up, letting them join up their currently separate player pools together. The implementation has been approve and is currently going through QA testing, with the hope that it will go live later this week.


Their post is as follows:

As we mentioned in our dedicated servers announcement, our recent infrastructure upgrades have paved the way for a very important feature: cross-play between PC and PS4! This means that players from both platforms will soon be able to play against each other, effectively joining our player pools and providing more competition for everyone. We had originally planned to roll out dedicated servers and cross-play much later in the year, but soon after launch it became clear that the best thing we could do to service our players would be to immediately upgrade our architecture in hopes of delivering the best online experience possible.

Now that our implementation has been approved, the new update will go out as soon as it passes Quality Assurance testing. Our hope is that it will go live in the coming week but this timeline is somewhat out of our hands. We also have several more exciting updates to share in the coming days so stay tuned and, as always, we thank you guys for your patience and understanding as we work to get this stuff into your hands!

Of course, this really only adds to the suspicion that Sony simply don’t want to allow cross-network play to Xbox Live and/or Nintendo’s systems. To reiterate, Rocket League will be adding Nintendo Switch players into the cross-network play alongside PC and Xbox One gamers, while PS4-PC play is to be kept separate unless Sony change their tune. Minecraft is in a similar situation, with all modern platforms joining up, but while Sony do have a somewhat reasonable reason for dodging this instance as it will require an Xbox Live log in, that’s not the excuse Sony’s Jim Ryan tried to use

Source: High Horse Entertainment (Steam)

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  1. “So Sony really just don’t like Xbox?”

    No, Sony aren’t playing Microsofts “you need to create an Xbox live account to cross play” game.

    Microsoft are the bad guys here, had they allowed PSN guest access, or anonymous access, then I suspect Sony would have been fine, as it would essentially be the same as pc to PS4 cross platform …

    Sony are smart enough to see the big picture, this recent noise was a PR stunt to fool cretins, as clearly it was a lose/lose for Sony, they agreed to Microsoft bad terms which increased Xbox live uaerbase, or they get negative PR from plebs that don’t understand the game at play.

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