Rainbow Six Siege Console Players Will Receive Invites To PC Technical Test Servers

From Overwatch to Battlefield, quite a few “live” games lean on their gaming communities to help them test new updates and features before they go live to the public. With Ubisoft embarking on Operation Health a few months ago to try and shore up the technical foundations of Rainbow Six Siege, they too have set up a Technical Test Server for testing updates. Much like other test servers, it’s a PC-only affair, where they can release quick fire patches without going through the rigours of certification.

However, Ubisoft want to get more players in on the action, and so as they gear up for the next PC TTS phase, they’re also inviting Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players to join in.


Writing on their TTS subreddit, they said:

If you own the game on Xbox One or PlayStation 4, you have a chance of being selected in the first batch of invites, scheduled to begin tomorrow. This is a manual process, so we are going to be sending out invitations in waves.

If you are selected, the TTS tile will then appear in your Uplay client when a TTS phase is about to begin.

We do not have finalized dates set for the next phase of the TTS to begin, but we are looking forward to sharing our work on the Operation Health pillars with you!

It’s an interesting attempt at a solution, but one that will likely only draw in a small number of players. Console gamers will only have a limited crossover with PC gamers. However, as it’s being done via Uplay, they can match console players to Uplay accounts, where they will likely have stats to see if they also game on PC and what hardware they have.

Source: Reddit

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