PlayStation Plus Prices Are Going Up To £49.99/€59.99 Per Year In August

The cost of PS+ is going up in the UK and across Europe, Sony have announced with an email sent out to subscribers. The new prices will be coming into effect at 00:01 BST on 31st August, and look as follows:

  • Annually, the price will change from £39.99 to £49.99 per annum. (€49.99 to €59.99 in Europe)
  • Quarterly, the price will change from £14.99 to £19.99 per quarter. (€19.99 to €24.99 in Europe)
  • Monthly, the price will change from £5.99 to £6.99 per month. (€6.99 to €7.99 in Europe)

As Sony just move to the next “round” number, that’s a 25% jump in the UK for a yearly subscription and 20% in Europe, which is a shock to the system, to say the least. It was around this time last year that Sony increased the price in the US to $60 for a year, with European prices staying level, but given the current exchange rates, this seems to be more a case of Sony bringing our pricing in line with America’s. $60 works out to around £45 and €50 today before taking into account local taxes.


If that’s making you reconsider whether or not you want to continue with PS+, you need to check whether or not our subscription will automatically renew. You need to head to your account settings and turn the “auto-renew” toggle to off, doing so at least 48 hours before your next payment is due.

Alternatively, if you’re thinking you’ll probably be playing video games online in 2020, maybe it’s time to stock up and get a few years worth of PS+ all in one go!

Update: it’s Europe too.

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  1. Bonkers move. They are now the most expensive platform to multiplay on.

    • Last time MS increased the XB Live price was 2010 and as Sony have now broken the water I expect they won’t be far behind, probably before Christmas.

      • Maybe, maybe not. XBL was $60 in the US long before Sony matched that price last year, and it’s €60 in the EU for Gold, so PS+ is only catching up.

        It depends how Microsoft view the UK market, because they don’t have the same kinds of regional divisions as Sony and Nintendo do.

      • In terms of annual subscription, only the US had that price increase.

  2. Just got the email. Sad news. Quicky top it up to save some cash
    Here’s the eu prices
    €49,99 to €59,99 annual
    €19,99 to €24,99 3 months
    €6,99 to €7,99 single month

    • I see this info has now been added. Makes my post seem silly.

      • Not that silly. I had to fire off an email to Sony to get the proper statement from their PR.

      • Did it take them long to bring you the “good” news.

  3. I just commented on that on the August PS+ post.

    It’s the first increase in 7 years, isn’t it? So not entirely unreasonable. I suspect the internet won’t see it that way though.

    And it probably means September will get a good line up. And October will be shit.

    • I don’t think it’s unreasonable at all

      I’m not sure why so many are flipping their lid at £50, when they quite happily pay £40…. despite it being possible to get it for around £30 or not much more

      Does explain why we finally get some big budget PS+ games, hopefully they keep that up, especially now the back catalogue is sizeable

      • If people are going to stick with a console just leap on the offers so you never pay the full whack. I’m up to 2020, I think. Each “year” was around £30 to £35 with whatever offer I nabbed.

  4. Got an good deal on Prime day. A years sub for £35 I think it was. I’m subbed up to 2019 now so can’t complain.

    • Me too, I was a bit unsure at the time but now it seems like the stars aligned. The increase had to come at some point but it was always gonna be a shock, let’s hope Sony have lined up some nice 5.00 features and some crowd pleasing Plus games to keep the internets from tearing their gonads off.

    • Me too…I’m delighted with that given the email I got today on the pice rise.

      But still got to say that even at £49.99 a year the content you get from PS+ still makes it a good deal.

      • You’re not allowed to say that! Some people won’t be happy until the month we GTA V and Knack. ;)

    • I’ve got such regret not getting this when it was on sale.

      Oh well better stock up. Don’t want to lose my access to rocket league! That would be tragic.

  5. struggling to think what extra value in features they’ve added between 2013 and now to warrant this price hike.

    It’s not exactly a huge amount of money over the course of a year but these extra costs do add up. Paying effectively the full price of a brand new game every year just to play online will probably end up costing more than the console itself over it’s lifetime.

  6. Or look at it this way.

    Its an extra 2.7p per day, and as far I can recall the first time they’ve increased the yearly price.

    The price of PS+ has actually got cheaper for the last six years vs inflation, it’s just unfortunate that rather than adding an extra quid or two each year Sony waited and did it in one block.

    Also the wobbly pound cos Brexit has certainly contributed to the UK price increases.


    “The British pound experienced an average inflation rate of 2.74% per year between 2010 and 2017. £100 in the year 2010 is worth £120.80 in 2017.” So £40 was is now worth about £48.30 – et voila, there is your price increase give or take a quid.

    • Well put. Any chance you could goad the Daily Mail website into running a story on how this Brexit means this price increase is going to ruin the UK games industry and outsource development to ISIS, where fundamentalists will plot to fully privatise the NHS, sack all policemen and build a giant bridge from Libya to Lincolnshire with no boarder gates? Pretty sure they’d go for that.

    • Daily Mail are pro-Brexit so wont say anything bad about it ;)

      • Ah balls! Just goes to show how out of date my Daily Mail micky taking is :)

    • Yep, that 2.74% figure was the one I found. Means that in 2 years time, PS+ should have gone from £40 a year to £51 a year.

      So we’ll be saving money, if Sony won’t be putting the price up in the next 2 years.

      If they keep the price the same for another 7 years, that £40 in 2010 should be £58.40. So a £59.99 price in 2024 then? 4 or 5 years into the PS5?

  7. A Cadburys Freddo bar in 2010 cost 10p. It now costs 25p, 150% price increase and they didn’t add any new features.

    • The tent-pole of the financial relevance, the humble Freddo.

      30p now, btw.

      • There’s no need to be sarcastic. The Bank of England measure the pound in Freddo bars. It’s the pillar of economic analysis. You always know where you are with a Freddo bar.

  8. Didn’t they put the price up 2yrs ago to compensate for the fluctuation in the £ against other currency?
    This increase seems like a piss take,looks now like I’ll have to knock PS plus on the head.PlayStation Now seems like a reasonable idea considering they’ve just added ps4 games to the list.

    • The price of the monthly/quarterly subs went up but not the yearly from what I remember, and it was a quid or two and nothing to do with weak pound.

    • The previous price increase was for 3 month subs. That bit is quite remarkable, from 11.99 to 19.99 in a few years.

      • Yeah they’ve always said those price increase are to make the yearly subscription more attractive and better value.

      • Sony obviously don’t want people only buying 3 months at a time. So they’re trying to nudge people towards buying a whole year by making the 3 month option such bad value.

        The monthly option hasn’t gone up as much, presumably because Sony see some value in people trying it out for a month and then either not carrying on (in which case Sony get a few quid), or going for the full year.

    • No, it’s been £40 for the past 7 years. Back when you got 1 PS3 game, 1 PS1 game, and a couple of “minis” (remember them?).

      And now you get 6 games across the 3 platforms.

      Prices for 3 months might have gone up a while ago, along with the 1 month option (that didn’t exist 7 years ago). But who uses those options anyway?

  9. Considering how long it has been locked, it seems very fair. Also – the amount of freebies cover it and you dont have to buy it.

    All over it but to save a tenner I am going to extend my membership as I renew later in the year.

  10. So much for their desire to increase the number of people signing up to PS+.

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