Tokyo Dark’s Anime Inspired Point & Click Adventure Is Out 7th September

The Square Enix Collective indie publishing initiative takes all sorts of games under its wings, from fascinating first person puzzlers to frantic brawlers and point & click adventures. It’s this latter genre that anime-inspired Tokyo Dark falls into, and Tokyo-based developer Cherrymochi have announced that it will release for PC on 7th September.


Taking inspiration from everything from Shenmue and Heavy Rain to Clocktower and The Blackwell Legacy, you take on the role of Detective Ayami Itō to explore Tokyo in search of her missing partner. Dialogue choices throughout the story send the game in different directions, and puzzles can be solved in multiple different ways, ensuring the players can find their own way through the game.

“Itō’s story is an intentionally conflicting one,” offers Maho Williams, Producer at Cherrymochi. “In Tokyo Dark, we want the player to be constantly questioning whether they’re one step away from solving the puzzle, or one step away from madness. Are they slowly unearthing the city’s dark living shadows, hidden from view, or are they imagining it all?”

And now I want some cherry mochi…

Source: press release

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