There Will Be No Microtransactions In Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo 6 was a game that introduced microtransactions into the racing franchise, but it appears that the practice will not be present within the upcoming Gran Turismo Sport. According to GTPlanet Kazunori Yamauchi spoke at a PlayStation Experience event in Malaysia, and he was asked about plans regarding post launch DLC and in game items.

One of the questions posed was about microtransactions and whether they would be in the game, with Kazunori Yamauchi responding with a no. How future DLC will be handled for Gran Turismo Sport hasn’t been made abundantly clear, but at least paying for credits won’t be an option. GT Sport will be released on October 18th for PS4.

Source: GTPlanet

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  1. And no cars to buy, no upgrades to buy, and no cosmetics purchases either.

    Gee, I wonder why there are no microtransactions :o

  2. That’s great news, but what isn’t great news is Kazunori Yamauchi said in an interview (for an Australian website) that he has no plans for GT7.

    • That’s cos GTS is moving to the “Games as Service” model where the base game will run for a good number of years and they will continue to update that with new features and vehicles rather than doing another game. It also means there is one stable base game for esports, which is what GTS is also aiming for. Same thing they’ve done with Street Fighter, essentially.

      • Has that been announced per chance, or is it speculation? Strikes me asva bit odd, not heard that’s the plan.

        It’s worth noting that there are no plans for GT7, but that could change in 6 months. It does seem that they’re solely focused on this FIA sport gubbins though. They’re way past making a game or sim racer and into doing whatever they like.

      • Its not been officially said but’s its heavily implied. Lots has been said about this being online racing and including the FIA certified e-racing championship.

        It’s something Polyphony can release and then can update in small increments over the years while making actual GT7 for PS5 and PSVR 2.

    • Of course there are no plans for GT7. Because it’s coming in October (unless it’s delayed). It’s just called something else.

      But yes, great news that there’s no stupid microtransactions. Along with a sensible number of cars. Well, a less ridiculous number than previous games. And the photo mode looks interesting because you can take photos of your cars just down the road from me. (I’ll let anyone who’s seen the video of the photo mode, which I think IGN had, work out roughly where I live. It’s not one of the interesting places ;)

      • Yeah, no, Sport is not GT7. If it was, people would be up in arms about how limited the game is. Trust me, 150+ cars with at least two dozen of those being duplicates is not sensible. Absence of Skylines does not necessarily make a car count sensible.

      • So when he said it was one of the main games in the series and you could consider it as GT7?

        Yeah, it’s GT7.

        Admittedly that was last year, so it’s possible he could have changed his mind by now.

        But no, it’s GT7 even if it’s not called that. And probably the only one we’ll get for the PS4 (unless they decide to release the next game on the PS4 after the PS5 appears, which would be stupid ;) The next one quite probably not being GT8. Or GT7. GT Sport 2 maybe? Or just “Bernard”?

      • It’s completely different to the other GT games, Kazunori Yamauchi said that GT6 was the end of the first chapter and Spirt is the first in a new chapter.

      • lol ‘Spirt’. Pure class.

      • Oops a slight typo there.

        It looks like GT Sport series will be around for a while as Mr Yamauchi told the reporter “it’s been built to work on a theoretical PS5” and “it’s been built in a way that it can naturally exist in an 8K environment”.

  3. Works for me. Micro transactions suck. Would much prefer a more “traditional” gaming experience

  4. I think everyone is keen to avoid the shambles that was Forza 5.

  5. I clearly remember reading an interview with Kaz where he stated that GTSport was essentially GT7, albeit not in name and that it was a complete reboot of the series from the ground up.

    I think we’ll see content steadily added to the title over the coming few years until PS5 releases whereupon the whole thing will probably bleed over. Certainly if his comments regarding all the assets being 8K and beyond PSPro display capabilities are to be believed.

    Time to wake up and get with the program. If people don’t like his ideas, then there are a plethora of alternatives now…

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