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6 Need-To-Know Facts About Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is out next week and if you haven’t heard already it’s blood fantastic, far exceeding our expectations for a standalone expansion. Chloe and Nadine’s journey into India’s Western Ghats is yet another memorable entry for the series, laden with explosive set piece action as well as breath-taking vistas and character-driven moments. Before you settle down with the Lost Legacy, here are five quick facts you might want to know before jumping in. While there are no specific story spoilers, those wanting to discover the game for themselves may want to gloss over this list.

1. You Don’t Need To Play Uncharted 4 Beforehand

The Lost Legacy is very much its own game as opposed to a bolt-on for Uncharted 4. It launches from a different icon on the PlayStation 4 home menu and is even getting its own physical edition. As a standalone story, you don’t need to have played Uncharted 4 (or previous games in the series) to understand what’s happening. That said, having played these entries (particularly 2 & 4) will help colour in Chloe and Nadine’s history and relationship. To get the full experience we’d recommend at least completing Uncharted 4 though there’s stopping The Lost Legacy from being your gateway into the series.

2. The Game File Weighs In At 50GB

It may be time to clear some hard-drive space. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy requires just over 50GB of space. If you also have A Thief’s End installed on your system, that’s a lot of Uncharted 4.

3. The Story Lasts For 7-8 Hours

Our initial playthrough of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy clocked in at exactly 7 hours and 48 minutes on Moderate difficulty – remarkable for a game previously billed as story DLC. In that time we made a few diversions, exploring the game’s open world hub and scooping up at least half of the unlockable treasures. We also spent several minutes toying around with Photo Mode.

4. There Are 68 Treasures To Discover

The Tusk of Ganesha may be the main prize, though there 68 normal treasures hidden throughout the game.  As in previous Uncharted titles, they can be viewed via the in-game menu with some Easter Eggs also tucked away in there. As fans of the series will know, finding these relics can be a pain without video guides or walkthroughs. In The Lost Legacy, however, there’s an unlockable item that pulsates when a treasure is nearby, subtly helping to scout out those treasures.

5. Lockboxes Contain Rare Weapons

Throughout the game you’ll find supply crates and lockboxes strewn across environments. Most of these will contain ammunition, grenades, C4 charges, and the occasional treasure. These boxes also contain some of the game’s most powerful weapons including the Silenced Pistol, RPG, China Lake, and Harbinger Sniper Rifle. To open them, there’s a simple lock-picking mini game.

6. The Multiplayer Is Much Bigger

Uncharted 4’s multiplayer won’t click with everyone though now’s the best time to jump back in if you’ve taken a hiatus. Since launch, there’s been a string of new maps, weapons, and customisation items for each character. Naughty Dog has also worked in some interesting new game modes and tweaks to ranked play. There’s also an amazing co-op survival mode which has a surprising amount of depth to it.

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  1. A lock-picking mini game?? Why?!??!?

    It’s 2017! That shit needs to stop. Or better yet, someone needs to invent a time machine, go back in time and arrange things so that lock-picking mini games never happened in the first place.

    • I don’t really share your mini game rage, but I do agree that some of these little mini games are a bit tired. I’d prefer a good stealth section where you have to set up a complicated distraction to lure some guards away, and then just press X to pick the lock.

  2. The present co-op experience is actually downright boring as f…

    Played it three times and never returned and from what I can deduct from fact sheet of the upcoming patch nothing is going to change that.

    A shame – I truly loved the co-op from the previous games.

  3. Woohoo, a lock-picking mini game, finally. I knew the Uncharted series had been missing something, I just couldn’t place it until now.

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