Rainbow Six Siege’s Blood Orchid Update Out September 5th, Launch Trailer Released

Tomorrow will see the launch of Rainbow Six Siege’s latest operation, code named Blood Orchid, in which three new operators and a new map will become available. While the map, Theme Park, will be available for all from September 5th all the new operators will be exclusive to season pass holders for one week. Non pass holders will be able to get them from September 12th.


The operators that will be available with Blood Orchid are Ying, Lesion, and Ela. The first two are members of Hong Kong’s special forces, while Ela represents Poland’s GROM force. Ying is an operator that is good for assault, using a Candela grenade which is a flash grenade that lets out multiple flash charges. Meanwhile Ying can set traps with his Gu mines. When triggered these mines inject opponents with a toxin that does damage over time, and can only be stopped if the needle is removed. Finally Ela has the RG15 pistol with a red dot sight, as well as Grzmot concussion mines. When activated these slow down enemy movement, making them vulnerable.

Source: Press Release

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