The Thargoids Are Back In The Elite Dangerous 2.4 – The Return Update

A terrifyingly powerful race from the classic Elite games, the Thargoid were long thought  to have disappeared from the galaxy in Elite Dangerous. That is until Frontier started teasing their ardent community and intrepid explorers found what seemed to be a dormant husk on the edges of known space at the beginning of 2017. It wasn’t that dormant, though.

Coming out on 26th  September Elite Dangerous 2.4 The Return heralds, well, the return of the Thargoid and the start of new narrative threads in the game. Frontier are promoting the moment with the release of a cinematic video Commander Chronicles: Retaliation.

Source: press release

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  1. Wow, am currently playing this and it’s so stunning. I just worry these Thargoids hide somewhere in this massive galaxy so I’ll never going to come across them…

    • I would guess we will have a few community goals linked to the new threat once the update goes live so I reckon most of us will bump into them soon enough.

      • Well, I have to admit that as I’ve just started, the current community have all been far out of reach of my ships… but I’m working on it… ;o)

      • If you want someone to wing with, you’re welcome to join my small group. Feel free to add me psn – LieutenantFatman and I’ll send you an invite. (Just tag it sixthaxis) Assuming you don’t already have your own group already of course.

        Nice to have the option if you don’t want to risk the dangers of open but enjoy bumping into other friendly players and maybe work with them.

      • I just saw your comment by chance: thanks for the offer, I’ll get in touch. However, looking at your trophy count for the game, just be aware I’m the ultimate rookie in comparison, just having started with Elite, I only went after the first pirates this week, and most of the time I don’t have much of a clue… ;o)

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