TSA’s Video Game Pub Quiz – Round 4

Welcome to the fourth edition of our brand new weekly quiz. Every week we’ll be testing your video game knowledge across fifteen questions, spanning a variety platforms and game series, both new and old. Good luck!

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Senior Editor bursting with lukewarm takes and useless gaming trivia. May as well surgically attach my DualSense at this point.


  1. For the fourth time I got a 9. Possibly an 8 had question 10 not provided an answer!

    • Can’t believe I got question 10 wrong…

  2. Damn a 6….
    Had a bad start then picked and up had a few guesses in. Cannot believe I got Motorstorm wrong stupid image gave it away!
    Never played these 5 games and the 5 guesses were incorrect. :(

  3. 6 for me this week, no lucky guesses.

  4. I think I’m being jammy with these – got 11

  5. Isn’t Monument Valley in Arizona/Utah? Or am I missing something regarding the original Motorstorm question.

    • I got it wrong and I love Motorstorm! :( what is happening

    • Uuuuuugh, you’re right. Our apologies!

      • Shocking lol
        Do we get a point I deserve a 7 =P
        Man I miss Motorstorm so much!!! Might fire it up this week/weekend xD

  6. 7/15! By far my best score so far, lol! To be fair, where I’ve not had the slightest clue, I haven’t put an answer, so could probably add a point or two for sheer pot luck answers.

  7. Wow, a lowly 5. Shocker. Wooden spoon for me?

  8. 6/15, hopefully more next week!

  9. I must be the luckiest guy ever. 14 right about about 7 of them were guesses! Not played the likes of Wow or mirrors edge but guessed right xD
    Got the fastest playable character right through common sense, scout are usually fast. But this score flatters me, I only knew 7 lol.

  10. It’s getting embarrassing now, a miserable score of 5. That’s hardly better than picking at random..! Gulp…

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