Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Take You Through A Wormhole

It would be easy to assume that Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon would just be asset flipped remixes of Sun & Moon that released to great acclaim last year, but it seems they’re seeming to be quite a bit more than that. The latest trailer shows that you’ll be travelling beyond Alola and beyond this Pokémon world, in fact, as you dive into a wormhole and head to Ultra Megalopolis to battle and catch Ultra Beast pokémon in their native world.


Ultra Megalopolis is a world in which Necrozma has stolen the light, leaving it shrouded in darkness. You’ll battle the Ultra Recon Squad while you’re there and encounter new Ultra Beasts like UB Adhesive, UB Burst and UB Assembly.

It’s all a bit weird and doesn’t have our resident Pokémon experts terribly convinced. Jake’s not even sure he wants this game, while Dave thinks that having more Ultra Beasts should have come second to adding more Alolan form Pokémon.

What do you think?

Source: YouTube

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