Humble Bundle Acquired By IGN

In a round of acquisitions no one was expecting it was announced today that IGN had purchased Humble Bundle, but details of the deal including the amount paid have not been made public. At the moment users of the service will see no change to how things are currently run, with the bundles. storefront, and subscription service all operating as usual.

IGN and Humble have stated that Humble Bundle will remain independently run, with IGN providing support to keep the service growing and helping generate more money for charity. Since its launch seven years ago Humble Bundle has helped raise more than $100 million dollars for charity, which is no small feat.


Only time will tell on whether this independence will last or if IGN makes moves to be more involved with the running of Humble Bundle.

Source: Gamasutra

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  1. Hopefully they can keep going as they have. Sometimes leaning on a bigger organisation helps especially during the tougher negotiations with others.
    Comixology got taken over by Amazon a few years back and they’ve actually been able to offer more because of that.
    I hope Humble keep going as what they’ve managed to do has been pretty awesome.

  2. Lets be clear, IGN have bought it because it makes money, not because they are all hugs and puppies and want to support charities.

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