Blizzard Throw Shade At EA As StarCraft II Goes Free To Play

StarCraft II’s first campaign, Wings of Liberty, has gone free to play today in a nice gesture by Blizzard to open the seven year old game up to more people. Blizzard also took the opportunity to throw a few thinly veiled barbs at their friends at EA and DICE, who are currently embroiled in the public pushback against their use of loot crates and microtransactions in Star Wars Battlefront II.

While Blizzard have the moral high ground in this particular comparison, let’s not forget that they are also a big part of the huge company known as Activision Blizzard. While often praised, Blizzard’s own Overwatch has helped to make loot boxes an accepted part of video games, a gateway for the more objectionable loot crates in Battlefront II. Activision’s hands are dirtied by the way that they push loot boxes within Call of Duty WWII, with them falling from the sky onto the beaches of Normandy and in-game rewards for watching other people open boxes. Oh, and then there’s this matchmaking patent.

So, sick burns Blizzard, but don’t get too cocky.

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  1. “So, sick burns Blizzard, but don’t get too cocky”

    Well said!

  2. Well this is like Jimmy Saville dissing Harvey Weinstein. They’re both still evil.

  3. Number of hours before you can fly Millennium Falcon in Starcraft II: You can’t

  4. Well I’m sure if loot boxes were as prominent 7 years ago as they are now then StarCraft would’ve featured them too. Also Activision already have pay to win in the last few Call of duty games.

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