Minecraft’s Super Duper Graphics & Nintendo Switch Cross-Platform Support Delayed Until 2018

Alongside the celebrations of Minecon Earth, there’s also some bad news as two of the key Minecraft announcements from E3 have been pushed back until 2018. Nintendo Switch already has Minecraft, but its inclusion in the plan of having cross-platform multiplayer with Xbox One, PC and mobile missed missed the release of the Better Together update a couple months ago, and now Mojang have admitted that this won’t happen until 2018.

Additionally, the major overhaul to the game’s graphics in the Super Duper Graphics pack has also missed its 2017 target, so you’ll have to wait a while longer to enjoy things like crepuscular “god” rays, movement to leaves and grass, dynamic shadows and so, so, so much more. When it does eventually release, it will be available as an optional DLC for Xbox One and Windows 10. Here’s what it’ll look like:



And here’s a cheesy musical number from Minecon:


Source: Minecraft

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