Ryan Reynolds To Star As Detective Pikachu In Forthcoming Movie

Wisecracking Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds has signed up to play bright yellow Pokémon Pikachu in the forthcoming movie, Detective Pikachu.

The movie is based on the game of the same name where Pikachu investigates and solves mysteries, most of which usually involve other Pokémon. Justice Smith will play the human companion who’s father has been kidnapped, whilst Kathryn Newton will play a “sassy detective.”

Pikachu was recently announced an official ambassador for the Japanese city of Osaka, along with Hello Kitty.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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News Editor, very inappropriate, probs fancies your dad.


  1. Ah, crap. Only the voice work? Gutted. When you said “star as” I really thought he’d be in a costume, bouncing around and getting up to all manner of nonsense.

    Fake news! :P

    • I would absolutely pay to see RR dicking about in a Pikachu costume for ninety minutes! Deadpool’s driveby would turn into an amusing Dutch oven and there’s plenty of room for tiny hand jokes.

    • He’s doing the motion capture as well

    • The report I saw was that motion capture would be involved, so keep your fingers crossed!

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