Firewall Zero Hour Is A Team-Based Tactical Shooter For PlayStation VR

Rainbow Zero?

Have you been staring at your PlayStation VR headset and wishing that someone would make Rainbow Six Siege for it? Well, you’re in luck because that seems to be exactly what First Contact Entertainment decided to do with Firewall Zero Hour. Sure, the name is the most generic techno-thriller nonsense, but this checks all the boxes.

Coming out in 2018 for PlayStation VR, it’s a multiplayer tactical shooter, pitting two teams against each other. Attackers have to bypass the firewall access points, find a laptop and hack it, while defender have to try and stop them in their tracks. You’ll have an array of modern weapons and both offensive and defensive equipment to help you get the job done, building up your character by completing contracts, earning in-game cash and upgrading your character, weapons, equipment and other things.

As with most other shooters on the platform, you’ll be able to play with the Aim Controller or a DualShock 4, however Move seems to be off the table, possibly because Sony decided not to put analogue sticks on them back in 2010. Even at the time I thought that was a damn silly decision.

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