Hitman’s Paris Location Will Be Free For The Festive Season

Hitman already has a free trial available where you can play the prologue missions and if you have that, on December the 15th you will be able to download the Paris location and have access to all of the Paris content completely for free. The offer will run until January 5th and once you have downloaded the content it’s yours to keep forever, isn’t that nice.

While you’re in Paris, players can experience IOI’s free festive content,’Holiday Hoarders’ as you try and find Santa as he drops gifts around the stylishly re-decorated Palais de Walewska in Paris and try to stop the two thieves who are following his trail stealing all the gifts and leaving the taps running..!

IOI is giving this gift to all players so please do your bit this holiday season whatever you can do from giving money to a charity or offering your time to someone who needs it.

Source: Press release

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