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Not everyone can be happy as Game of the Year awards are handed out. You might disagree on a winner, think that games should be rated in a different order, or feel that a little-known gem is being cruelly overlooked. Our own Game of the Year awards have been running for the last week, and there’s plenty more to come. Better than simply commenting on our awards though, you now have the opportunity to weigh in for yourselves!

We’ve trimmed things back to six categories. Without getting bogged down with specific genres (as much for my own sanity as yours) there’s sections for best single player, best multiplayer, best independent, best vr game, biggest disappointment and the community’s Game of the Year 2017.

If there’s a game you’re dying to vote for, complain as vociferously as possible in the comments and we’ll add it to the list. Don’t vote

The voting will be open from now through to 23:59PM on Saturday 30th December, and we’ll post the results as 2018 dawns. Please only vote once, as subsequent votes will not be counted.

Update: Voting is now closed! Thanks for taking part and we’ll have the results posted on 1st January 2018!

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  1. It was a tough decision this year and with less categories not being able to vote for both of my favourites has made this even harder. I’ve settled on Zelda for my favourite game of the year, sorry Aloy, you were a very close second though!

  2. HZD deserves award for new original IP this year, the only game not a sequel to a sequel

  3. Came here to vote, polls have made me realise how few games I’ve played this year.

    Destiny 2 really does kill all of my gaming time and it’s not even that good, just addictive.

    Can feel a new year’s resolution coming up!

  4. Fortnite for best game & multiplayer, hand of fate 2 for indie, surge for single player, don’t have any vr so just picked a random. Micro machines for a very well deserved biggest disappointment. Damn that game was so disappointing. No single player career at all, terrible matchmaking and minimal effort post launch to improve it. Dogshit.

  5. Had to give Sonic Mania it’s credit.. the game I’ve played more than anything else this year… and HZD a close second… GT Sport would likely have taken more top spots had the VR mode had a time trial mode and single player from day one…

  6. Zelda vs. Mario for GOTY.

    Splatoon vs. Mario Kart for multiplayer (or Rocket League vs FIFA, both on Switch also).

    What a year for Nintendo.

    VR GOTY for me is Resident Evil, although I haven’t gotten hold of Skyrim yet (I did grab it on Switch though, and it’s amazing there too).

  7. Assassin’s creed for best single player and horizon zero dawn for game of the year but it was a damn difficult decision after going through the list and remembering nioh and nier automica. And destiny 2 for biggest disappointment of the year or the last 5 years,I honestly can’t remember being so disappointed in a sequel.

  8. Just had to check my trophy list, did I really play almost no games of 2017..?

    Yep, I mostly caught up with older games, with most of my play time this year probably going into Fallout 4, the first New Wolfenstein, and some into Elite Dangerous (why’s that not on the list?), Oxenfree and two Telltale games we got with Plus.
    Not counting Ghost Recon Wildlands, which I only played in the beta, the only real 2017 game I played was Gran Turismo.

    So, I decided not to vote, but to play some of my 2017’s backlog next year, with Prey, RE7, etc.

  9. Giving some love to Pyre where I can.

  10. In the biggest disappointment category you pit Star Wars Battleground II

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