Skyrim VR Patch 1.2.20 Is Out Now

Bethesda have patched Skyrim VR for PlayStation VR, handily reminding me to check to see if it’s come down in price yet, which it hasn’t. Bum. Anyway, the latest patch has a number of new comfort options and couple of bug fixes.

Skyrim on PSVR Update 1.2.20 Patch Notes


New Features

  • Added option for player camera height adjustment
  • Added option to adjust movement speed using direct movement with the PS Move Controllers
  • Option for crosshair when using PS Move Controllers added to VR settings menu
  • Crosshairs when using PS Move Controllers are now only visible when casting

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues with left hand mode
  • Fixed issues where perks could be used before they were unlocked
  • Fixed Eagle Eye perk not working with crossbows
  • Fixes for the “Telekinesis” spell
  • Other bug fixes

Source: Bethesda

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  1. It’s down to £35 on Amazon now. Still about £20 more than I’ll pay for my 3rd copy though.

    And apparently still lacks the fancy surround sound the PSVR does. Which I assumed would have been on the list of things Sony insist on, but apparently not.

    • I’m guessing that even though the PSVR breakout box does all the “object-based 3D audio processing”, the manner in which Skyrim’s original audio or audio cues were implemented mean that it would be a huge task to convert all of that now? It’s a disappointing blemish on an otherwise awesome game for VR.
      However, if you’ve played it recently it might all feel too familiar – maybe best to hold out for that bargain bin price! ;)

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