Kaz Hirai To Step Down As CEO And President Of Sony

Former PlayStation boss and the man who managed to turn around Sony’s fortunes, Kaz Hirai, is to leave his position as President and CEO of Sony. He will continue to work at Sony but as company director and chairman, with Kenichiro Yoshida taking the CEO and President roles that Kaz vacates.

“Ever since my appointment as President and CEO in April 2012, I have stated that my mission is to ensure Sony continues to be a company that provides customers with kando – to move them emotionally – and inspires and fulfills their curiosity,” said Hirai in a statement.


“To this end, I have dedicated myself to transforming the company and enhancing its profitability, and am very proud that now, in the third and final year of our current mid-range corporate plan, we are expecting to exceed our financial targets. And it excites me to hear more and more people enthuse that Sony is back again.”

Over the years Kaz has become well known to PlayStation fans and has a very active Twitter account where he engages with Sony customers and always seems genuinely excited about new games and tech. We’re going to miss him.

Source: GI.Biz

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  1. He’s had a good run, the only negative in my opinion was canning the Vaio range, otherwise things have been pretty good during a funny few years where you never quite know whether or not your massive, successful company will just implode and die.

  2. Onwards and upwards, please. Fingers crossed.

  3. I was so confused that all these sites were reporting this today. It was announced months ago that this was to happen.

    Then realised it was @KazHiraiCEO, the spoof account, that had said he was going to stop running the account.

  4. Goodbye my friend
    I know you’re gone, you said you’re gone
    But I can still feel you here
    It’s not the end
    Gotta keep it strong
    Before the pain turns into fear
    So glad we made it
    Time will never change it, no no no
    No no no no.

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