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Sony Unveil A Redesigned PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset

Sony’s PlayStation-branded headsets have offered some of the best bang for your buck over the last half decade, and the PlayStation Gold in particular has been a great value wireless headset since it was released in 2014. Now Sony are revisiting this particular tier in their headset line up, giving it a more premium look that better suits use in tandem with PlayStation VR.

Among the improvements are twin noise cancelling microphones to clear up your chat audio, while the virtual 7.1 audio returns alongside support for the Headset Companion App and custom audio profiles. You still had a simple USB dongle to transmit game and chat audio wirelessly, while the 3.5mm jack ensures that the headset can be used for PSVR or other audio sources (like an Xbox One, for example). However, if there’s a step back in the design, the thinner headband now no longer folds up, meaning you can’t collapse the headset as easily to take it with you.

The headset will be available later this month in the US for an MSRP of $99.99, making it a like for like replacement. For Europe, it’s simply “coming soon” and has no price point stated, so we’ll have to wait an see if the change in exchange rates over the last few years has any effect.

Source: EU PS Blog, US PS Blog

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  1. I love my Gold headset, use it almost every day. Great headset, good quality sound for gaming and voice chat.
    Nice to have a headset that picks up your voice clearly without an ugly boom mic.

  2. By the way. How cool does that guy look?

  3. Had a headset similar towards it, the black and blue one and it just snapped. So I dunno, I can never trust them especially newer products. Is this one any more durable?

    • Yeah my sons one snapped after 14 months. So i gave him mine (which were 3 years old) and he snapped them too after 2 months. I got him the platinum one for Xmas, much sturdier with the metal frame.

  4. They look better than the previous ones.
    I wonder if Sony are going to update the Platinum phones as there doesn’t seem to be much difference between the two, apart from around £30.

  5. If you care about your friends, never get a headset without a microphone boom. :-)

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