Check Out New Gameplay From PlayStation VR Exclusive Moss

Moss is one of those games that everyone falls in love with at first site. Adorable protagonist Quill is just the right side of cute, but packs a punch with her sword, and the interacting with her world comes naturally, pushing, pulling and twisting the Dualshock to move in-game elements.

There’s a very short demo of the game on the latest PSVR demo disc that you can get from the PlayStation Store, but since E3 we’ve not seen much of the game. Thankfully PlayStation Underground (aka the U.S. PlayStation Blog) have managed to get their hands on the title, so check out their video below.


It was recently revealed that Quill will occasionally communicate with the player using sign language, and if you give her a wave (with the Dualshock in hand) she will wave back. Totes adorbs!

Moss lands exclusively on PlayStation VR on February 28th.

Source: PS Blog

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