Moss Launch Date Confirmed For Next Week, New Trailer Released

The rather delightful Moss will be landing on PlayStation VR at 9 p.m. PT on Monday, February 26th, which by my count is 5am Tuesday morning for those of us living in the UK.

Hopes are high for the game as pretty much anyone who has played a preview has come away impressed. Also, Quill is just the cutest thing like, evs!

Source: YouTube

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  1. I’m not really looking for a 3rd-person VR game but Quill sure is cute. One thing that struck me odd with the demo was that you control the mouse but you don’t actually play as the mouse. ie there are times when the mouse will look up and wave at you, the player. Am i controlling this mouse or is it autono-mouse? I know the intention with that waving is to engage the player more but i found it a little bit 4th-wall.

    • You play as someone watching the mouse. And can interact with the environment using the controller. You can even look down and see your own reflection.

      But at the same time you control the mouse too.

      Whatever. It looks cute, the demo was fun, and it’ll probably end up being too short for the price and I’ll wait for a sale.

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