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Urban Trial Playground Coming Exclusively To Switch on 5th April

California, here we come.

A new entry in the Urban Trial series that thrived on the 3DS, Urban Trial Playground is Tate Multimedia’s newly announced followed up destined to launch exclusively for Nintendo Switch on 5th April.

The physics-based stunt bike racing gamenow heads to the sunshine and beaches of California, challenging you to pull tricks, flips and combos amidst the palm trees and sand dunes. The game includes independent front and rear brake controls for the first time, making it easier for players to pull stoppies and front flips as they chain combos together. This happens across Freestyle and Time Trial modes, with two player split screen there for Joy-Con head to head play.

Discussing the exclusivity, Joseph Debecki, producer from Tate Multimedia said, “Our work with Nintendo in previous years has been incredibly successful, and we are very excited to continue creating new Urban Trial games as exclusives for their platforms. With the massive success of Nintendo Switch™ at launch we saw an opportunity to connect with a new, thriving and passionate community we simply couldn’t miss.”

Source: press release

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