A Live Action Far Cry 5 Prequel Is Streaming Now On Amazon Prime Video

Ubisoft have a tradition of making short films to promote their games, they have a film division after all so why not make use of it. Far Cry 5 is the latest title to be given the treatment with a half-hour long prequel, Far Cry 5: Inside Eden’s Gate, which is available to stream right now on Amazon Prime Video.

The plot follows three vloggers who stumble across the Eden’s Gate cult, with the cult’s leadership being played by the actors who portray the characters in the video game. The film is thirty minutes long and is “quite good” according to my sources who have watched it. If you have Amazon Prime you can watch it here, if you don’t have Amazon Prime you can wait a few days as Ubisoft are bound to chuck it on YouTube before the game launches at the end of the month.

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  1. I’m sold already without the extra hype. Will make a point of watching this too though. :)

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